Monday Morning Inspiration

This is not the original Monday Morning Inspiration post. Sadly, that post, with all the images, just vanished upon opening it for an edit. Unfortunately, it has happened quite a bit since WordPress made some big changes. These things happen with updates and usually get worked out in time. But I don’t really have time to keep re-doing the same posts. The old school blogging is far more time consuming than vlogging. I’ve been having quite a bit of fun live streaming my photowalks when I can get reception. It’s inspired me to use a video format more often. And with the issues WordPress needs to work out, this just seems like the perfect time to explore some of my other ideas.

Click the image to see the entire album

I’ve decided to focus on vlogging at Patreon. I’m just getting started so come check it out. In the meantime, here is the album that got mysteriously erased. Don’t worry I’ll still share with you here, whatever I’m doing. I appreciate your support. Thank you!

So this is how Chapter Two of The Lynda Anne Artful Living Adventure ended. What will happens next??? Find out – Come join us for Chapter 3 over at Patreon!

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