A Walk To Clement Street

We’re going up to Clement Street, do you want to come? We’ll come back through Mountain Lake Park. The early bloomers are already showing up on the trees. Let’s go see what we find.

Here are a few pictures of our walk. Click on the gallery to see the full sized images.

See all the images from our walk to Clement Street here. Thanks for looking!

Pelicans At Municipal Pier Aquatic Park

Do you need a staycation like yesterday? Here’s my favorite getaway in a day: Municipal Pier. The fishing is free of charge and requires no fishing license. The views are amazing, and the wildlife always shows up. You can pretty much guarantee to see seals, seagulls, ducks, crabs getting hauled up, fish on the lines, and my personal favorite: pelicans!

Here are a few shots from my Pelican Collection

See my Entire Pelican Collection Taken From Municipal Pier Here

Bring your favorite sketchbook, a camera, lunch, a fishing pole, warm clothes, and a chair. Seriously. Don’t forget a hat and a jacket, even on a sunny day, because the wind blows and it is always chilly out on that pier! But it’s so worth it. As you head out onto the pier you will feel the city fade away. Within minutes you are in a marine wonderland. Stay as long as you’d like. =)

Broken Dreams And What It Takes To Survive In The Mojave Desert

My last camping adventure before returning to San Francisco for the summer took me to the Mojave Desert in June 2018.  Temperatures reached about 105 degrees.   I spent the days exploring in my car so I could run the ac and cool off a bit between stops.

As you can see by my campsite, shade is non existent.

While exploring I came upon more than a few sad and abandoned dreams in one form or another.

Which left me wondering how does one survive in the Mojave Desert?  Of course, nature has done a much better job.

But humans aren’t inclined to give up.  And even though small things seems to thrive in California’s Mojave Desert, big things seem to be sprouting about 5 miles from the camp site.

What do you think they are planning to grow? Bigger question is where do you think the water will come from?  Is this another broken dream in the making, or is Mojave Desert heading for big changes?  Time will tell.