Buskers And The Grant Avenue Music Scene

In the heart of San Francisco, between Maiden Lane and The Chinatown Gate hides a thriving sweet little neighborhood. Perhaps the best kept secret of the City, a tiny New Orleans vibe on the West Coast:  Grant Avenue.  Come to Post Street and Grant Avenue, where artisans of every form converge to offer fine dining, art galleries, iconic fashion boutiques. . . and more. 
Strolling through the neighborhood you’ll find interesting people, beautiful eclectic architecture, historical landmarks, Kiosk Museums and all the best shopping.

…As the shops begin to close and the restaurants prepare for their dinner rush, the streets come alive with another art – music!  Jazz, blues, classics, old and new fill the night air as locals and travelers alike come out to enjoy the festive vibes and beautiful night displays.  Brings cash to tip the musicians, as it is customary, especially if you’d like to film or photograph them.  Tip them, thank them and show appreciation, of course, but try not to distract them from providing music for everyone.  

Above Saxophonist: James Gleason Find him on facebook:  www.facebook.com/james.gleason.14  (jamesgleasonlive) Hear him play here. Scroll down; videos are at the bottom of the gallery.

Strolling from dinner to the pub or  back to the hotel is so beautiful, there is no need for a Lyft.  Of course they are easy to find, and a parking garage is conveniently on the same block too.

Grant Avenue is a special treat for those who love the character of a quaint village, the fashion of New York, and the soul of New Orleans.  

Next time you’re in San Francisco, will I see you on Grant Ave?  

See the entire gallery and watch some videos of the music here