Super Blood Wolf Moon Part Deux

Remembering my early astronomy photography efforts from 2019.

I finally finished editing the photos of last week’s Super Blood Wolf Moon. It was rainy in San Francisco on the 20th of January, and it didn’t take long for the clouds to bury my fun. I didn’t actually get to see the whole eclipse. I was able to capture a few shots and had fun trying. I used with my Nikon D5300 and photographed from the steps of St. John’s Presbyterian Church. Here’s my favorite picture in color and black and white. See the entire collection here. 

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Remembering my early astronomy photography efforts from 2019.

Tonight is the first night of the last total lunar eclipse until spring 2021. With such an alluring name, Super Blood Wolf Moon, who could resist getting out there with the camera?

Jacob Siegal describes the naming of the moon

The eclipse is being referred to a variety of names, but the most ridiculous (and therefore best) has to be Super Blood Wolf Moon. “Super” refers to the fact that the Moon will be closest to the Earth in its orbit when the total eclipse takes place, “blood” is a reference to the reddish hue the Moon will take on during the eclipse, and “wolf” is taken from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, as full moons in January are apparently known as Full Wolf Moons.

I don’t have the best camera for astronomy photography, that’s more my older brother’s thing. But I still wanted to capture its beauty so here’s what I managed to get.

If you missed it tonight, don’t fret. There’s always tomorrow night. Share your captures with me and the gang on The Lynda Anne Artful Living facebook group.