Welcome to the Second Chapter of Lynda Anne’s Artful Living Journey.

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Lynda Anne is heading off the beaten path on an adventure to hunt the best blooms for your aesthetic pleasures!  Lynda Anne’s dad was an Eagle Scout and a Vietnam veteran, she spent her childhood “roughing it” in the southwestern deserts of California.  Her love for her family and for nature led her to her undergraduate degree in Recreation where she immersed herself in adventure recreation courses including rock climbing, backpacking, kayaking, survival, and wilderness leadership.  Her skills are put to use hunting down the best California blooms she can find.

Come Learn About Making An Artful Living With Lynda Anne

Lynda Anne uses her original artwork to design fashion, home decor, and lifestyle products.  Share the wildflower and nature-scapes photography hunts and how-to’s to becoming an independent artisan at Lynda Anne’s Artful Living Community.  

An avid antique collector, Lynda Anne uses organic materials to restore wood surfaces and preserve antiques. Her inventory is showcased at Lynda Anne Atrium.  Lynda Anne is also a gardener and a novice botanist who grows bonsai fruit trees from seeds. Lynda Anne has an Artful Living blog via WordPress about her artful living lifestyle, and a blog through Weebly called Lynda Anne’s Recommendations about fashion, life style, and home decor recommendations.  Lynda Anne has a Bachelor of Science in Recreation, a Master of Art in Leadership, and a Master of Divinity in Ministries graduating cum laude.  She left her position as a doctoral candidate in EdD: Graduate Education, to embark on a radical life change which led to her becoming a full time artist.

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(don’t worry; posts will be shared here at WordPress too) with Lynda Anne as she hunts down beauty and inspiration for artful living.

Now Lynda Anne shares not only her adventures, she also provides insider information for her patrons, on how to quit your day job and/or follow your own path to financial and personal success through artful living.

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Enter Chapter One Of Lynda Anne’s Artful Living Journey

See how it all started, share the early stages of the journey.

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Years 2015 to 2018 Of The Lynda Anne Blogging Adventure

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Explore Lynda Anne’s Trails

Lynda Anne’s personal favorites – trails with access to bathrooms.

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Follow Lynda Anne’s Adventures In Nature

See Lynda Anne’s Personalities Pages

See the who’s who of people Lynda Anne has photographed.

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Lynda Anne’s Collections Of All Manner Of Personalities
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