Show And Tell Time

Thank you all for looking at my post February Photo Walk Aquatic Park to Hyde St Pier to Pier 39 And Back If you didn’t get to see it yet, here it is.

If you ever wondered, this is what I do with the pictures I take. I design beautiful items for you, your loved ones, and your home. Here are a few things I made with one of the flowers from the photowalk above.

View the entire line of Yellow Cosmos Products including fashion, home, and lifestyle products here.

And now, without further ado . . .


Including shower curtains, bath mats, mid century modern furniture, lifestyle items, stationary and more!


Thank you for looking and sharing with your friends. This is just one way to earn an artful living. How are you making it happen? Let’s exchange support and ideas! Thanks again!

February Photo Walk Aquatic Park to Hyde St Pier to Pier 39 And Back

A long title for a long walk. Won’t you come join us? We parked at Aquatic Park, and I walked to Pier 39 and back while my love provided beautiful busking saxophone melodies for me. Since my walk took me too far from him, a few other buskers had to help serenade me as well.

I may have gotten carried away with the photos on this photo walk. Is that possible? It took forever to process these, but I finally finished. There were so many that I broke them down into categories, by interest, for you.

Here are the street scene shots, for the people lovers, tourist, and street photographers. See the whole collection here.

Here are the sea lions shots from Pier 39. Yea, I got carried away. Are you obsessed with furry adorable marine life too? This collection is for you. See them all here.

Of course I found flowers. Flowers must be my spirit guides. I get utterly lost in them. So, naturally there are more flowers than just about anything. So flowers float your boat too? Here’s the collection for you.

What’s that you say? You’re a brave soul with a few minutes to spare and you want to see the whole collection? Well bless your heart! Here it is!

Rainy Valentine’s Day Photowalk At Fisherman’s Wharf

Would you like to see what we did on Valentine’s Day 2019? We took a walk around Fisherman’s Wharf , again. It’s becoming quite a thing for us. Won’t you join us?

It was raining, so I had to be careful with my Nikon. But I do enjoy watching flowers get a bath. The city was washed clean and the colors were a nice contrast to the grey stormy skies. See the entire collection here.

A Special Treat At Palace of Fine Art

On my last photo walk I came across a wonderful sight. Watch this video of a fantastic busker (which my video did not do justice to) to see something magical. Wait for it.

Wait for it……
Wasn’t that wonderful?

No seeds; just the music.

Snowy Egret Gone Fishing

While at Aquatic Park, on a photo walk, the other day I met this little Snowy Egret. Little Snow looks like a youngster yet. I had a blast following Little Snow down the beach and back watching the mad fishing skills. This was a good lesson in quick shots, as this busy fisherbird did not stand still long.

See the entire gallery here.

Exploring Hyde Street Pier

Today I want to invite you to share an exploration of Hyde Street Pier. Rain or shine this is a colorful journey. Come see.

But wait there’s more! Wildlife, buskers, trollies, and even some mayhem!

Explore the entire gallery here

Buskers And The Grant Avenue Music Scene

In the heart of San Francisco, between Maiden Lane and The Chinatown Gate hides a thriving sweet little neighborhood. Perhaps the best kept secret of the City, a tiny New Orleans vibe on the West Coast:  Grant Avenue.  Come to Post Street and Grant Avenue, where artisans of every form converge to offer fine dining, art galleries, iconic fashion boutiques. . . and more. 
Strolling through the neighborhood you’ll find interesting people, beautiful eclectic architecture, historical landmarks, Kiosk Museums and all the best shopping.

…As the shops begin to close and the restaurants prepare for their dinner rush, the streets come alive with another art – music!  Jazz, blues, classics, old and new fill the night air as locals and travelers alike come out to enjoy the festive vibes and beautiful night displays.  Brings cash to tip the musicians, as it is customary, especially if you’d like to film or photograph them.  Tip them, thank them and show appreciation, of course, but try not to distract them from providing music for everyone.  

Above Saxophonist: James Gleason Find him on facebook:  (jamesgleasonlive) Hear him play here. Scroll down; videos are at the bottom of the gallery.

Strolling from dinner to the pub or  back to the hotel is so beautiful, there is no need for a Lyft.  Of course they are easy to find, and a parking garage is conveniently on the same block too.

Grant Avenue is a special treat for those who love the character of a quaint village, the fashion of New York, and the soul of New Orleans.  

Next time you’re in San Francisco, will I see you on Grant Ave?  

See the entire gallery and watch some videos of the music here

A Walk To Clement Street

We’re going up to Clement Street, do you want to come? We’ll come back through Mountain Lake Park. The early bloomers are already showing up on the trees. Let’s go see what we find.

Here are a few pictures of our walk. Click on the gallery to see the full sized images.

See all the images from our walk to Clement Street here. Thanks for looking!

Another Before And After: A Beautiful Walnut Side Table

I got my hands on another treasure and was able to put new life into this beauty. It had some issues, to be sure. But another man’s reject is my treasure. What exactly did he reject? Just a Late 20th Century Vintage Heritage Walnut Italian Neoclassical Style Side Table. In excellent condition it’s valued at about $400. Well worth it to me to try to get her back in shape, don’t you think?

Here’s my two tiered round walnut beauty before, during, and all cleaned up.

Here’s what she looked like when she came to me. Dry, faded, scratched, and with a considerably large (embarrassing) water stain on the bottom tier. Do you see it on the left edge over there? Sshh don’t talk about it.

Let’s focus on the positive. It’s a sunny day and there’s no wind. It’s perfect for working outside. Let’s get started.

After a day at the Atrium Spa (in our garden) getting hydrated, buffed, and pampered, she’s starting to shine. The scratches are barely noticeable. But the water stain was still there! Oh my, well, it happens. It just takes extra work. No shaming, please.

What water stain? I know right? I tear up over these happy endings too. Here she is in all her glory. Drum roll please…….. Ta da – The After!

The Before and After

Pelicans At Municipal Pier Aquatic Park

Do you need a staycation like yesterday? Here’s my favorite getaway in a day: Municipal Pier. The fishing is free of charge and requires no fishing license. The views are amazing, and the wildlife always shows up. You can pretty much guarantee to see seals, seagulls, ducks, crabs getting hauled up, fish on the lines, and my personal favorite: pelicans!

Here are a few shots from my Pelican Collection

See my Entire Pelican Collection Taken From Municipal Pier Here

Bring your favorite sketchbook, a camera, lunch, a fishing pole, warm clothes, and a chair. Seriously. Don’t forget a hat and a jacket, even on a sunny day, because the wind blows and it is always chilly out on that pier! But it’s so worth it. As you head out onto the pier you will feel the city fade away. Within minutes you are in a marine wonderland. Stay as long as you’d like. =)

The Gregangelo Museum

I’ve had the pleasure of visiting The Gregangelo Museum in San Francisco’s Balboa Terrace District. I cannot express the beauty and impeccable attention to detail in every inch of this fantasy functional art on a the grandest of scales. Magical, magnificent, mind blowing…

Here’s a peek to see for yourself.

Majestic. Am I right? And that was just the front porch! I’m not going to spoil it for you. You have to see it for yourself. But I promise anyone experiencing this will leave in wonder, inspired and mystified. I should think this palace of mystery and beauty, with its artistic use of tiles, fabric, paint, and even roofing, will soon be a must on every design school syllabus. It’s a craftsman’s paradise. Seriously, even the roof is beautiful.

Find out how to book a Gregangelo Museum Tour here.

What's Blooming At The Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area?

Come follow the artful living journey with Lynda Anne, on the California Blooming Tour, at The Cuesta Ridge Botanical Area. Support this California artist, and bring home your own art on functional items or wall art.

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Valentine's Day Is Coming What To Avoid And How To Score

Uh-oh!  You’re running out of time!

Tough Decisions To Make
The Pressure Is On

It’s time to plan.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  What are you going to do?  Breathe…You still have options.

Head out to the mall and spend hours looking for something, anything that says “I love you.”  Hours later empty handed, you’ll wander into an intimate apparel store.  Stop.  You’ve gone astray.  This is a gift for you.  Keep looking. 

Now you’re at Target in the home appliance section.  This is dastardly.  Are you trying to break up?  Please don’t say “I love the way you clean”   

Ok.  I know.  You feel like you can’t win.  It’s OK.  Lynda Anne is here to help. 

Try these little helpful hints:

1.  Avoid household items that say you’re great at chores.  Not as romantic as you might think.

2.  Avoid gifts for you disguised as a gift for your partner.  You’re the only one fooled.  I promise.

3.  Avoid buying clothes.  No matter how much you love your partner.  There is a phenomenon known as size blind.  Most partners have it.  You probably do too.  Your partner is probably a size or two bigger than you think.  And if you are wrong and god forbid order too big…well “I think you’re huge” isn’t received as well as you might think either.  

Well, what then??? What should you do?

 Try these:

A teddy bear, a sampler box of chocolates, and a dozen roses!  Now that’s a gift.  Well done.  This will make everyone at your beloved’s work seething with envy.  That scores mega points. 

Here’s another WINNER!

For the romantic gardner, or plant lover, this is the perfect gift because it can keep on giving year after year.  It’s ALIVE!!! It comes in a beautiful container that can be used again when this gorgeous mini rose bush outgrows it.  Do this every year and even though you never promised a rose garden… 

You really cannot go wrong with flowers.  There are so many options to choose from.  Browse the entire collection to find the perfect bouquet.

Did you say ALLERGIES???

OK Ditch the flowers.  Let’s keep looking. 

Here’s something for the young at heart no matter the age:

Don’t overlook the romance of a perfectly planned picnic.  Here’s an idea to help you with your date.

There are several choices to choose from as well, so explore and find the perfect picnic basket to be delivered.  What could be easier? 

Just don’t forget desert!

You can always say I love you with affordable COSTUME (disclose that upfront) Jewelry from Lynda Anne.  Just be careful with these gifts, as they might say more than you mean to – proceed with caution:

If you’re not careful, you’ll end up here:

In which case, CONGRATULATIONS!!  Lynda Anne has you covered there too!

Romance At Lynda Anne Artful Living Department Store

Yeah, we can help with this part too.

Holidays Honeymoons And Getaways With Help From Lynda Anne

Sunset Tour Of The Golden Gate Bridge



Join a tour of the Golden Gate Bridge at sunset. Discover locals’ favorite paths, and special lesser known look-out points. We’ll meet by The 28 Bus Stop bench outside the GGB Toll Plaza Information Center 2 hours prior to sunset. From there we’ll head out for amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Depending on your ability and desires, we’ll hike from Golden Gate Bridge Overlook to the views of below the GGB and back. Then we’ll head back up and walk across the bridge to see the views from the other side. We will be coming back over the bridge at sunset to catch amazing sunset views of the Golden Gate to the west, GGB, and the city to the east. All total, the hike is about 5 miles and should take 2.5 hours, depending on your pace, and will provide at least 5 unique views of the Golden Gate Bridge.   Filmed by James Edward Gleason 



A Lovely Sunday Afternoon Walk To The Park

Come join us for a stroll over to Mountain Lake Park. Let’s go see what’s blooming, who is swimming, and if any new ducks have been born yet…

Explore all the flowers, the critters, and the mystery nest here.

What’s the mystery nest? I don’t know. Do you? Let us know, if you know, who lives in the nest hanging in the olive tree. Go check it out. Hit the link above.

Super Blood Wolf Moon Part Deux

Remembering my early astronomy photography efforts from 2019.

I finally finished editing the photos of last week’s Super Blood Wolf Moon. It was rainy in San Francisco on the 20th of January, and it didn’t take long for the clouds to bury my fun. I didn’t actually get to see the whole eclipse. I was able to capture a few shots and had fun trying. I used with my Nikon D5300 and photographed from the steps of St. John’s Presbyterian Church. Here’s my favorite picture in color and black and white. See the entire collection here. 

Super Blood Wolf Moon

Remembering my early astronomy photography efforts from 2019.

Tonight is the first night of the last total lunar eclipse until spring 2021. With such an alluring name, Super Blood Wolf Moon, who could resist getting out there with the camera?

Jacob Siegal describes the naming of the moon

The eclipse is being referred to a variety of names, but the most ridiculous (and therefore best) has to be Super Blood Wolf Moon. “Super” refers to the fact that the Moon will be closest to the Earth in its orbit when the total eclipse takes place, “blood” is a reference to the reddish hue the Moon will take on during the eclipse, and “wolf” is taken from the Old Farmer’s Almanac, as full moons in January are apparently known as Full Wolf Moons.

I don’t have the best camera for astronomy photography, that’s more my older brother’s thing. But I still wanted to capture its beauty so here’s what I managed to get.

If you missed it tonight, don’t fret. There’s always tomorrow night. Share your captures with me and the gang on The Lynda Anne Artful Living facebook group.

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Trip to Monterey County and Pacific Grove

Come join us for a beautiful rainy day photo journey of Monterey County, California, USA. See the California Coast, wildlife, sunsets, rain showers, and beautiful seascapes.

Click On The Image To View The Gallery Of Videos And Photographs

Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker

A Family Tradition Sweet For Children And Adults

Annie Leibovitz Photographs Baryshnikov and Godunov

Growing up, one of my favorite traditions of the holiday season was going to see Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.  It all began because my school nurse did an exam of students’ backs.  During my exam, she found that I was in need of some help keeping my back straight.  She advised my mother to put me in a dance or gymnastics type program that would train and strengthen my back, or I would need to wear a brace to straighten my back later.   I opted for ballet.  I new world opened for me, as I was introduced to classical music as well as dance.  In those dance classes I met all the greats:  Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky.  [Image Credit:  Mikhail Baryshnikov and Rob Besserer, Cumberland Island, Georgia, 1990. Photograph © Annie Leibovitz. From ‘Annie Leibovitz At Work’]  

Lynda Anne Artful Living Blog The Nutcracker Family Tradition

My mother was very supportive and coming from NYC had a great passion for theater.  Soon we were getting annual tickets to The ABT.  I was honored to have witnessed Baryshnikov’s historic and ahead of its time rendition of Cinderella.  I saw Alexander Godunov dance Wild Boy (oh my), and Patrick Bissell too.  It was a great time for ballet.  Of course, The Nutcracker was a must see every December.  No other story captures the spirit of childhood during the holidays quite like Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker.  With all its magic including dancing sugar plums, it’s no wonder it’s a family tradition around the world.  Decades later, my own mother-in-law would renew this tradition in our family as she took all her grandkids to San Francisco’s Nutcracker annually.  

“No other composer has ever succeeded in capturing the fairy-tale world of childhood innocence as inimitably as Tchaikovsky in this most cherishable of his three great ballet scores. The ballet’s title comes from a story written in 1814, by the German fantasy writer ETA Hoffmann, in which a child’s Christmas presents come to life and whisk her off to the Land of Sweets.”  [Source: CLASSICAL FEATURES Best Tchaikovsky Works: 10 Essential Pieces By The Great Composer: Explore the best Tchaikovsky works featuring 10 masterpieces …’.  Published on March 17, 2019  By uDiscover Team.]

See a preview of New York City Ballet Performing The Nutcracker, Waltz Of The Flowers

The good news is we can all see George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker™ in select cinemas nationwide on Dec. 5 and 10:

The bad news is, sadly, practicing my spins made me vomit and a career in dance was, alas, not for me.  But I continue to do my ballet barrework to this day.  I have a portable ballet barre old enough that I couldn’t find it online anymore but it is something like this one:

portable ballet barre lynda anne affiliate link

There are so many benefits to dance beyond becoming a prima ballerina.  For me, learning to stand up straight and strengthen my back were reason enough.  Those skills are still in use 35 years later.  In addition to cardio, strengthening, and balance, dance provides the same life long benefits as playing a musical instrument, including your voice.

Why The Gift of Playing Music?

  • It’s fun! And can be as social as you want it to be.  Learn to play alone or to build friendships and start a band!
  • It makes you smart.  Studies show playing an instrument gives kids an advantage in school, and exercises the aging brain too!
  • It heals the soul! Music is therapy for the musician and the audience.  Studies show playing music reduces anxiety and depression. 
  • It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime; a gift that will continue give back year after year!

From coordination and gross motor skills, to physics and geometry, dance is an exercise for your mind, body and spirit, no matter your age. 

Would you like to see a performance of The Nutcracker, take dance lessons, or give the gift of dance to someone else?  Here’s how I found performances and classes near me: 

I did an internet search of “The Nutcracker Near Me” and clicked on a result by the search engine entitled EVENTS.  It lead me to a list a nearby performances and teachers within my area.  I used the same EVENTS page to search “dance lessons near me.”  There were surprisingly more than I thought.

On a limited budget? 

Clear some space in your home or outdoor space.  Go over to your favorite video stream, like Youtube for example, and search dance lessons.  Let the dancing begin.   

May you be inspired and moved by the music of Tchaikovsky paired with beautiful blooms.  Live artfully! ~Love, Lynda Anne

Make This Year’s Holiday Planning Child’s Play, Start Early With Help From Lynda Anne

Don’t wait until the last minute worrying if gifts will arrive on time, and then, if you’ll even have time to wrap them.  Free online shipping takes a little longer, but the value is definitely worth it!  Save BIG(!) and be nice to you this holiday season!  Shop Now!

Holiday Decorating Even A Child Can Do

Nothing gets you into the spirit of the holidays faster than decorating.  

Now that you’re in the mood for the holidays, let’s get you ready for the Holiday Parties!

Whether it’s this kind of party 

or this kind of party

or even this kind of party, Lynda Anne’s got you covered.  

 Pick your party dress, or ugly sweater, or tux…. Just don’t go empty handed.  Here’s gift ideas for any budget. 

Gifts Under $5

Gifts Uner $10

Lynda Anne Travel Essentials Gift Ideas under $10

Gifts Ideas For Any Budget

Find gifts for the one who has everything, such as simply the best – and most impressive – cup of coffee you’ll ever taste. 

No Time For This?  Send A Gift Basket 

Or better yet, enlist a free personal shopper

A favorite holiday tradition, here’s some Stocking Stuffer Ideas (With a few new stockings and traditional favorites too)

And Don’t Forget The Gift Wrap!

Are You Heading Home For The Holidays?  Let Lynda Anne help you plan.  Get the latest travel essentials today.

Lynda Anne Travel Needs

Whatever you do, wherever you go, have a merry, happy, joyful, glad, fun, wonderful holiday season!

Live Artfully!


Lynda Anne

Music Therapy For End Of Life Patients

You can just see the pure joy this music is bringing Peg Gleason, as she listens to her son, saxophonist James Edward Gleason, plays Ava Maria for her. 

Music brings healing to the soul.  Give the gift of music.  Gift the gift of healing. Every new music student is a new healer in the making.  Let the healing begin with you now; pick out a student instrument for yourself or for someone you love.

Broken Dreams And What It Takes To Survive In The Mojave Desert

My last camping adventure before returning to San Francisco for the summer took me to the Mojave Desert in June 2018.  Temperatures reached about 105 degrees.   I spent the days exploring in my car so I could run the ac and cool off a bit between stops.

As you can see by my campsite, shade is non existent.

While exploring I came upon more than a few sad and abandoned dreams in one form or another.

Which left me wondering how does one survive in the Mojave Desert?  Of course, nature has done a much better job.

But humans aren’t inclined to give up.  And even though small things seems to thrive in California’s Mojave Desert, big things seem to be sprouting about 5 miles from the camp site.

What do you think they are planning to grow? Bigger question is where do you think the water will come from?  Is this another broken dream in the making, or is Mojave Desert heading for big changes?  Time will tell.

A Visit To Letterman Digital Arts Center Recycled Water Pond

Come enjoy amazing views in this peaceful oasis located at the Lyons Street entrance of The Presidio in San Francisco, California.  There are paved paths for exploring and benches for contemplating all around the scenic Letterman Digital Arts Center Recycled Water Pond.  Bring your camera and a jacket.   There’s a Starbucks just up the path for snacks, coffee and a potty stop.


What’s Blooming In The Garden

Our garden is cultivated by my brother in law who is also my neighbor.  This year he added more wildflowers to the garden.  He does a wonderful job, doesn’t he?

Here’s what’s blooming in the garden this month.  Click on the images to see them full sized.


A New Chapter In The Artful Living Journey

UPDATE:  I started a new chapter in the Artful Living with Lynda Anne saga one year ago today.  It’s been another year of awesome adventures.  Thank you for joining me as I hunt for inspiration from nature to grow my artful living lifestyle.  And THANK YOU for choosing the Lynda Anne brand.  You mean the world to me!!

~Lynda Anne


All future Lynda Anne Art post will be found here.

To visit the Original The Anne Art Blog Click on the image below.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 6.42.28 PM

Wildflowers At Inspiration Point

I’ve got a new post up over on Patreon. Be the first to see new posts; come join me over there: Artful Living with Lynda Anne

See the stunning bouquets at Inspiration Point

Beautiful Vibrant Bouquets Of Wildflowers At Inspiration Point In San Francisco, CA.

I’ve moved over to Patreon for my blogging needs. In addition to providing educational material for patrons, I can easily share my photos, videos and vlogs. You don’t have to pay to see most posts, so come check them out. The tiered patrons are for folks interested in taking their craft to the next level, be that full time or moving a craft from hobby to paid gigs in addition to your day job.

Of course, you all mean the world to me so I will continue to repost my new blogs here for your convenience as well. I hope you enjoy; thank you for your continued support. I appreciate you!

Monday Morning Inspiration

This is not the original Monday Morning Inspiration post. Sadly, that post, with all the images, just vanished upon opening it for an edit. Unfortunately, it has happened quite a bit since WordPress made some big changes. These things happen with updates and usually get worked out in time. But I don’t really have time to keep re-doing the same posts. The old school blogging is far more time consuming than vlogging. I’ve been having quite a bit of fun live streaming my photowalks when I can get reception. It’s inspired me to use a video format more often. And with the issues WordPress needs to work out, this just seems like the perfect time to explore some of my other ideas.

Click the image to see the entire album

I’ve decided to focus on vlogging at Patreon. I’m just getting started so come check it out. In the meantime, here is the album that got mysteriously erased. Don’t worry I’ll still share with you here, whatever I’m doing. I appreciate your support. Thank you!

So this is how Chapter Two of The Lynda Anne Artful Living Adventure ended. What will happens next??? Find out – Come join us for Chapter 3 over at Patreon!

Mother’s Day Inspiration From Fisherman’s Wharf

April Showers Bring May Flowers

This spring brought an abundance of rain, which to my delight has also brought an abundance of flowers just in time to inspire me for Mother’s Day. I was back at Pier 39 to see what replaced the tulip beds. Here’s some of what I found, and here’s some of what I did with it.

Click here to visit Pier 39 with Lynda Anne and see the pretty flowers
Click here to see what Lynda Anne made for Mother’s Day From Her Pier 39 Photo Walk